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Acme Punched! is for people crazy about 2D animation. It may be enjoyed by beginners and others, but it is aimed at animators who know already something about the process of animation and the basics of character animation. In large part, it will attempt to provide a deep look into the problem solving that goes on in my head as I work out a scene, often in step-by-step posts that I will sometimes enter in "real time", without knowing in advance what the outcome will be. Mistakes and false starts will not only be included but emphasized, so that the creative process of animation will be portrayed realistically. And, while my own bias is for 2D drawn animation, many of the effects and principles discussed here can apply to CGI 3D animation as well. I hope the blog will prove useful and instructive for all.

-Jim Bradrick

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No. 7, Problem 1: Fixing a Bad Drawing (Part 5): All the Bells and Whistles

Hello again, and I want to thank my Followers for staying with me.  Here is the long-promised version of our scene--or, rather, our female character and her goose--being thrown off balance and recovering:

As you can see, we have fixed the notorious bad drawing, with all that that entailed, and also improved the animation of the goose.  (Notice the taped-on extensions to the animation paper at the left of the screen, giving the goose room to maneuver.)  The addition of the skirt animation helps a lot, but it interestingly softens the effect of her leg kicking out because the movement brings the skirt out with it.  I tried another version where the skirt stays behind but found I was getting all involved in complex wrinkles and folds; in the end I found it simpler and more elegant to let the fabric behave as you see here.

Let's compare it with the original version for contrast:

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